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Art Toronto 2022

Sight, the work that Melanie Janisse-Barlow exhibited at Art Toronto in 2022 — coined Canada's Art Fair — is a classic work from her studio. A 'simple' painting of a young tattooed woman, that at first glance is a work of her signature portraiture, when delved into, becomes more beckoning and mysterious.  The figure is in fact not looking at the viewer, but adorned on the inside of her arm is a tarot card and a third eye that catch the viewer head on. Janisse-Barlow is always grey-rocking under some simple image-making, while embedding in it a depth of symbolism that breaks the ordinary open only to discover a geode. Of course, this work sold to collectors and was an excellent debut fair experience for Janisse-Barlow. She was delighted to exhibit in her first art fair in Toronto— a city that she called home for over a decade. 

SIGHT Acrylic on panel

20x20” 2022


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