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Plural Art Fair, Montreal 2023

Her husband's infamous tour van, her best friend in a onesie in a now defunct warehouse space. Thepaintings of Melanie Janisse-Barlow  shown by Galerie Youn at Plural— a Montreal based art fair organized by AGAC — enjamb the audience in some of her gritty, music laden, Detroit driven work. Tense, almost electric works, 'Pumpkins on Fraser' and 'Dodge' evoke energies of a revving engine at the start, or the morning after a party. The angularity and intensified perspectives suggest something big is going on, making these works wound tight and leaping off ofthe canvas. Janisse-Barlow is a graduate of Concordia, and was honored to participate in such an elegant and successful fair in a city she called home for several years. 

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